Liquid Cooled Multiple Platform Enclosures

Parker’s SprayCool? multiple platform enclosure (MPE) series of enclosures utilize the efficiency of evaporative (two phase) cooling using a patented direct spray technology and a di-electric fluid....
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The SprayCool? multiple platform enclosure (MPE) series offers a new standard of scalable thermal performance, environmental isolation, and flexible design that simplifies integration while meeting today’s and tomorrow’s needs in harsh environments. The enclosures incorporate a closed-loop liquid cooling system.

Using patented direct-spray evaporative technology, electronics are protected in the MPE’s sealed, closed-loop environment, ensuring electronics survivability in extreme operating environments, encompassing both temperature and vibration. Architected to reduce no-recurring engineering expenses for custom products, the MPE can be delivered in any payload configuration without mission-specific development.

The SprayCool MPE series features small, lightweight, rugged, high-performance, direct-spray enclosures. Designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, the MPE can enable survivability for both commercial grade and rugged electronics in harsh military environment applications.

Leveraging open-industry standards and common commercial-grade electronics, the MPE enclosure allows you to quickly field common applications without redesign or requalification across a range of vehicle types or applications. The MPE series is available in 3U and 6U formats and capable of supporting any IEEE1101.2 format backplane.

Airborne, UAV, Rotor-wing aircraft, and ground vehicle platforms employing:
? Sensor processing
? Electronic warfare
? Mission computing
? Command and control
? Directed energy management

? Meets demanding environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810F
? Supports MIL-STD-704 & 1275B power inputs
? Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) per MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-462
? Sealed Construction prevents moisture and dust contamination
? Supports multiple Open Architecture Systems EG cPCI, VME and VPX
? Configurable I/O, backplane and power supply
? No air filters or other frequent maintenance items
? Capable of cooling a two kilowatt heat load
? Scalable up to 11 3U 0.8” spaced slots and up 21 6U 0.8” spaced slots
? Available in 1” pitch versions to support VPX
? Supports self-diagnosis and built-in test (BIT)

? Optional mounting features including shock isolation
? Operating altitude up to 75,000 feet
? A range of sizes and configurations
? Scalable slots, up to 11 3U 0.8” and up to 21 6U 0.8”


溫度范圍(C) -55° to 71° C
操作高度 Up to 55,000 feet or 75,000 feet optional
尺寸 Available in a range of sizes and configurations
電力消耗(瓦) 80W maximum (for cooling system)
重量(磅) 28 to 150 lbs depending on configuration
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